Multifamily home flooring

iFloors TX has been the best option for multi-family properties due to our low prices and ease of installation. The importance of cleanliness and low-maintenance materials, on the other hand, has turned the trend to hard surfaces. Hard surface flooring can make rooms appear larger due to the planks with a more modern look, however carpet flooring provides a warm and comfortable aesthetic. Here at iFloors Tx, we offer a wide selection of both hard and soft surfaces to choose from for your multi-family projects.

Quality flooring

When it comes to choosing to floor for multifamily residences, three aspects come into play: durability, maintenance, and low cost. Multi-family developers and owners are now installing luxury vinyl or wood, laminate flooring, or carpet in their communities around the country since it meets the majority of the needs of a multifamily area. These flooring alternatives are suitable for practically any room in an apartment or condo community, from clubhouse common areas to apartment kitchens and living rooms.



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The flooring you choose for a multifamily building should be consistent throughout all units, which will save you money and time in the long run. It must be durable, cost-effective, and simple to repair and maintain. That’s why, whether you’re looking for multi-family flooring in Sugar Land or within the Greater Houston area, iFloors TX is the place to go. We have project management experience to keep you on budget and on time, with high-quality service.