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A kitchen remodeling project can provide you with the opportunity to transform the room you spend the most time in, into the kitchen of your dreams. You owe it to yourself to renovate your kitchen into a cozy, functional, and beautiful space for cooking, dining, and gathering. Whether you are looking for kitchen flooring, a new backsplash, the Centre Island you’ve always wanted, or all of the above, iFloors TX will create a kitchen remodel that will leave you speechless.

At iFloors TX  we have a shared commitment to customer service excellence, superior quality, and the use of long-lasting materials.

Quality Kitchen Remodeling

A full kitchen remodel from iFloors TX can leave you with the perfect kitchen transformation by implemeting:
1. The latest trends or more traditional design elements
2. Unique backsplashes
3. Gorgeous countertops
4. High-end tile or resilient flooring & more!

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Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel in your home can be both challenging and extremely satisfying. Whether it’s remodeling a small powder room in the entry, a master bathroom suite, our bathroom remodeling for your adjoining children’s rooms, the renovation project must address your lifestyle, personal needs, and enhance the design style of your home. Hire iFloors TX for the best bathroom renovation in the Sugar Land area.

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, consider who will be using the space. Consider the user’s personal needs, function and practicality, design style, and budget. With so many beautiful and innovative fixtures and materials available, we make it easy for you to transform your bathroom into a space that you’ll love.

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